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Changements et chaos – Yves Perriard – Odessa

By 6 mars 2014 Lève-toi !


Changes and chaos
Dear Haim,


A lot of interesting changes have taken place here !Yanukovitch, the former president, has fled the country as a wanted man; Julia Timoshenko has been freed; the special police force that fought against protesters has been dismantled; a new Parliament has been formed; elections for a new president are scheduled for 22 May and the interim president is a baptist preacher who openly declares his faith!
At the same, Ukraine is in a huge chaos! Most demonstrators are not willing to leave Kiev until changes really happen. Streets in some cities are not safe because of the present instability; pro-Russian demonstrations are erupting in many cities, particularly in Crimea where ethnic Russians form 90% of the peninsula (a potentially very dangerous situation because Moscow could send its troops there); the Ukrainian currency has fallen sharply, foreign reserves and investments have plummeted; Kiev is under a tremendous pressure to accept the generous bailout from Russia in order to avert any economic collapse. 
Another death!
In recent weeks many Ukrainians have died with the hope of improving the political situation. Here in Odessa one young man, Slava, died to improve his own life. Last Sunday, he was buried in the freezing waters of the Black Sea (35 Fahrenheit – 2 Celsius !!!!!).

He is sharp, has the brain of a banker, but the heart of a radical ! His bank is located just next to our coffee-shop and this is the reason that in the last 3 months he has spent  every one of his lunches at our cafe. We had numerous conversations that eventually led him to give his life to Jesus.

In the following 1 minute video, you can see his baptism:

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No problem to receive money
Some of you have asked whether we are still able to receive/retrieve our support funds. Let me explain. All the donations which are sent online through the American or Canadian sites (« Heart of God » or « Canada Helps ») are collected and then transferred to our TD bank account in Canada. Here in Ukraine we can retrieve with no problem the money from this Canadian account using our bank card.
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