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Dernières nouvelles des Pierrard dans une Ukraine troublée

By 15 mars 2014 Lève-toi !


Latest News from a troubled Ukraine 
The Perriards are fine!
The situation remains tensed in the whole country and the evolution is very uncertain.
Many people here live with the fear of a war with Russia
Many Jews and foreigners have left and people are asking if we will do the same. Our answer is: « Of course NOT! »
So far we are are safe and our children are OK.
Dear Haim,
By now most of you probalby know why Ukraine is making the world news! How is all this affecting our present and future?
Rumors of war  

Ever since Russia brought troops into Crimea, many people  in Odessa had fears that the same could happen here as there is a large amount of ethnic Russians and pro-Russians Ukrainians here.
As a result, 2 Sundays ago, during our prayer meeting, there were tears and some strong emotions in the light of an imminent war and possible civil war in Odessa.
Many share those feelings here. 
War has not come yet, but another one, which will hurt far more people is coming, and it will not be fought with tanks:

Economic hardships ahead 
The country is bankrupt, there is a collapsing of the currency value, a capital flight, a declining of foreign exchange and default is looming.
Whether Ukraine will accept the very difficult austerity measures of being bailed by the EU and IMF, or joins the Eurasian Union of Putin (something that is very possible if the economic pressure increases), one thing remains absolutely sure: Ukraine is heading for serious economical hardships in the next 2-3 years.
The following article presents 7 solid arguments why the economic future looks grim:
The one below shows that the present economic problems cannot just be attributed to Yanukovitch. They started in 2004 and have only been amplified by the global western mismanagement of the past decade:
What are the consequences of all this for our church?
Time to harvest !

What is increasingly true in America is particularly true here:
When a nation is suffering economically and divided politically, the Church can bring a strong message of hope and unity.  
The present situation is our best opportunity for the Gospel since the fall of the iron curtain.

Our church openly proclaims that salvation comes neither from the West nor from the East, but from Above. My wife is Russian and I am from the western world, this gives us the authority to say that only Jesus is the answer for Ukraine! 
Rent paid !
Money has been provided and we can pay the rent of our coffee-shop for the next 6 months. Thank you so much for your support and prayers.
The Perriard family


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