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Nouvelles des Perriard à Odessa et quelques éclaircissements sur la situation en Ukraine

By 30 avril 2014 Lève-toi !
1 May 2014
25 days to hold !!!


Dear Haim,

Two days ago the Swiss embassy in Kiev personally advised us to leave our region. Then last night my mother called us after she heard that in Odessa agrenade has been thrown in a check-point and injured many. She wanted to know when we are coming back to Switzerland!!!


The fear of a possible war is paralyzing many areas of life here. People will not make any important decisions until a new president has been elected and until Russians have withdrawn their tanks from the border.


Putin knows that after the 25 May (when a new president will be elected in Ukraine), his actions will no more have the present legitimacy (he regards the present government in Kiev as an illegal take-over of fascists). So you can expect a lot of tensions for another 25 days and the


4 possible scenarios: (click here for more info)


1.  Kiev is forced to adopt a loose federalization which will allow Moscow to influence the eastern part of Ukraine


2.  A kind of Crimea Annexation Part II, with residents of the east and south voting in a referendum on whether to join Russia


3.  A full-scale military invasion

4.  Nothing happens until a president is elected the 25 May

In the light of the above, the Western world has the following 
4 courses of action: (click here for more info)


1.  Make economic threats which will be serious enough to stop Moscow


2.  Give up on east Ukraine and massively defend Western Ukraine


3.  Consider military action, which is very unlikely


4.  Say goodbye and good luck to Ukraine


We the Perriards are not concerned with any of the above, we keep on making disciples and intend to stay here until the Lord comes back!


The only policy that matters
I deeply love Russia but my daily prayer is that Ukraine will be independent from its control. My reason has absolutely nothing to do with politics, but with the fact that:
In Ukraine there is far more religious freedom than in Russia.
If Ukraine falls under the control of Russia, evangelicals might be limited in their religious freedom. For example, when Crimea became Russian, many pastors whom I personally know have experienced harassment.
In fact, even the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, (which has separated itself from the Russian Orthodox Church by wanting to have its own patriarch in Kiev), has experienced the same kind of religious discrimination from Moscow. All their church buildings were seized, such that even the Muslim Tatars came to their help ! (click here for info)
One of the primary reasons for this is that the Russian Orthodox Church fiercely wants to maintain a religious monopoly. It will do whatever it takes to minimize the influence of protestant denominations through its tied connection with the government.
In Ukraine, they do not hold such a monopoly so that they cannot behave in the same way.
So let us pray that Ukraine will keep on enjoying religious freedom (1 Tim.2:2) and in time we will greatly influence this part of the world
The present crisis has a very positive side:


Elijah, an evangelist who had been part of a church planting in Warsaw for 2 years could not renew his visa to Poland because he is from Crimea, which recently became Russian (Poland now has tensed relationships with Russia). Since he was « stuck » in Ukraine and really liked our church, he decided to stay indefinitely with us! He truly is a gift from heaven: he is a professional musician who plays all kinds of instruments and can organize big concerts (lights, scene, etc…). He is a strong leader and is very gifted in working with young people.


Andre is a Jewish Russian Christian from the Far East of Russia (at the border with Korea). Because he loves one girl here in Odessa, and because of the present crisis he does not want to go back to Russia as there is a very high risk that he may not be able to come back! So he decided to stay and help our church with his talents (as a guitarist and IT engineer (he did our church site))



Thank you for believing and supporting our impossible dream!  

Yves, Anya, Yann and Joel Perriard




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