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Nouvelles des Perriard en Ukraine

By 24 mars 2015 Lève-toi !
Dear Haim,

If you read what is going on with Russia and Ukraine today, you may agree with what a Psalmist asked 3000 years ago: « Why are the nations in such a tumult and its peoples meditate such vain things? (Ps.2:1). Some things seem to never change, but we can make a difference one person at a time, as this report shows:

Ukrainian economy going down

Things are going well for our Church, but increasingly worse for Ukraine. The war in East Ukraine had already hurt the economy, but now Kiev  received a loan from the IMF which brought harsh austerity measures with it. In the last 6 weeks the price of gasoline has doubled, the local currency has lost half of its value, and most food and imported goods have increased by 40%! Salaries have not been raised, so many people are struggling to survive.

On top of this many Ukrainians are living with the ongoing fear that Russians will  invade the key strategic city of Mariupol  in order to build a land bridge between Russia and Crimea (The peninsula, which became Russian a year ago has no land connection with Russia)

If they succeed in this, then they will then invade the southern half of Ukraine and create a territory called « New Russia ».

Worries, fears about the future and survival have of course been he daily bread of many Ukrainians, but this trend has sharply accelerated in the last 3 months.

Helping refugees

There are thousands of refugees in Odessa. We had special worship services during which we gave presents to children (hats, t-shirts, toys, etc…) and finished with delicious food. Many are surprised that anyone would care so much in a time when everyone only survives for his own interest.


You may remember me speaking about  Arthur the former thief who got miraculously healed. According to human standards there was no hope that Arthur would ever walk again. In spite of this, his girl-friend Lena had helped him during the whole time he was crippled for the sole reason that she loved him. We baptized her (see U-tube below)
clc od ua
After this Arthur proposed to her! She received salvation and a fiance all in one package!

Roman: from losing everything to finding Christ

Roman was a successful businessman in Donetsk (the biggest city in East Ukraine, the region that is now controlled by the Russians separatists). He had a nice house and political responsibilities at a high level. Since he loves Ukraine he was teaching part time Ukrainian literature and culture at University. Because of this the Russian separatists arrested him, seized his house and forced him to work for them (building trenches, bringing goods to soldiers, etc…). For weeks he had to live in a basement crowded with many other people, all in an atmosphere of continual fear (separatists would beat up those who would not comply to their demands).

Eventually, in the middle of the night, at the risk of losing his life, he was able to escape the war zone. When he came to Odessa, he was extremely depressed.  He could not face the painful reality that he had worked all his life for a house and securities that he would never see again (Since Russia will never give back this region to Ukraine, he cannot ever return there). As we met, he found the Lord and a hope that is not bound to this world!
Abraham and Sarah
My best friend and partner in ministry Pasha has a life changing news: his  41  years old wife is 3 months pregnant ! We now call them Abraham and Sarah, a name quite appropriate since she is Jewish!  On the picture is their 18 years old daughter who attends University.
Help needed !

The economy is hurting our members in such a way that we could not pay the full rent of the fantastic building where we meet as a church. I had to come with my own finances. Has anyone on the heart to please help us with 2800$ ?

We would be so thankful !


You can click on on our site and donate online or any other way you choose:


The Perriard Family


+380 93 98 32 647 (Yves)

+380 93 92 71 978 (Anna)



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  • Mr Dominique dit :

    Dans le texte (traduction Google):  » Quand il est venu à Odessa, il était extrêmement déprimé. Il ne pouvait pas faire face à la réalité douloureuse qu’il avait travaillé toute sa vie pour une maison et des titres qu’il ne reverrait jamais (Comme la Russie ne donnera jamais de retour de cette région à l’Ukraine, il ne pourra jamais y retourner). Comme nous l’avons rencontré, il a trouvé le Seigneur et un espoir qui n’est pas lié à ce monde »

    A ceux qui possèdent des biens matériels (argent, maison, voiture de luxe, etc.) et QUI S’ATTACHENT à cela comme à la prunelle de leurs yeux : Nous risquons de tout perdre ! Alors si D.IEU nous bénit, cela est d’abord pour son oeuvre. Donnons aujourd’hui avec joie pour l’oeuvre de D.IEU, sinon demain, il n’en restera plus rien !
    Certains ont Christ, MAIS restent liés et risquent de perdre leur âme à cause des biens matériels et d’autres, comme cet homme, perdent tous leurs biens matériels, mais sauvent leur âme et suivent Jésus-Christ. À nous de choisir !
    Faisons les bons choix, amen !

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