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Nouvelles d’Yves Perriard en Ukraine

By 20 février 2014 Etz Be Tzion, Lève-toi !

Le ministère que nous soutenons en Ukraine nous envoie un rapport alarmant. Nous vous invitons à prier EN URGENCE pour le secours et le soutien de ces bien-aimés et de ceux qui les entourent. Prions aussi  que cette équipe de témoins puissent  d’autant plus être des lumières dans les  ténèbres en Ukraine!

Nous allons entrer en contact avec Yves Perriard et vous tiendrons informés.

Haim Goël

These are the days of great trials…
Dear Haim,

Some of you have asked about our safety since the situation here in Ukraine is deteriorating rapidly. None of you are ignorant of the violence that has erupted in Kiev and spread to other cities.


Over hundred people have died and hundreds have been injured. In the capital, all food stores have been emptied, and it isdangerous to go out. In Odessa a demonstration of a few thousand people was interrupted by violence, a dozen of people have died and many were seriously injured.


Today the National Bank of Ukraine has been attacked so thatevery bank and ATM machine has been under siege to take whatever money is available. By God’s providence, we the Perriard had some money on the side so we can survive for some time.


My prediction 2 months ago was that Yanukovych has all interest to align himself with Moscow and keep a government that will maintain his power and the interests of his family. This has proven to be true.


A civil war and a Russian military intervention is unlikely to happen and Yanukovych will stabilize the present situation through force. Eventually he will have to find a strong and loyal successor. If he does this he will not to be thrown in jail when his term is over. Yeltsin did this and that « saved » his life after he appointed Putin.


My next prediction is that within a year we will have a form of government that will imitate what Putin has done in Russia : more control, less democracy, but more economic stability. This is what most people long to have here.


For us Christians this is our best time because we live by the words of the song « the days of Elijah »:


« These are the days of great trials, of famine and darkness and sword. Still we are the voice in the desert crying: prepare ye the way of the Lord! »


Thank you for your prayer of protection,

The Perriard family


NB: Given the present situation, if you are not receiving any reply or news from us in the next few days do not be surprised as all communications could be blocked or disturbed.




Prospekt Shevchenko 33, kv. 26, 65058 Odessa, Ukraine

(Проспект Шевченко 33, кв. 26, 65058 Одесса, Ukraine)


+380 93 98 32 647 (Yves)

+380 93 92 71 978 (Anna)

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