President Trump tells the American-hating congresswomen to leave America

By 22 juillet 2019 Le mot du jour


America is a free, democratic country. No one is forced to live there. So if the American-hating congresswomen do not like the country, they can leave.

American-Hating Congresswomen

Meet the American-hating congresswomen. Unfortunately, there are quite a few: Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But the funny thing is, they chose to live here. Ilhan Omar is even a Somalian refugee. Does she really want to go back to Somalia? Even though Somalia is not a free country like America, she still criticizes America. She criticizes democracy, Western values, and everything America stands for. This group of women actually despise America and the presidency. They despise America’s allies.

So, if they hate the country so much, why are they still here? Why did they choose to represent a country that they are not proud of? And why would any American WANT them representing a country they loathe?

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