NOUVEAUTÉ/NEW – Did you say “prophet”?
Haïm Goël
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A brother wrote this to me: « Regarding the writing of your new book, I had a vision when I was praying about it last night. I saw a tiger entering a desert area. This tiger had dared to go further than all the other animals that had come to this place before it, and therefore was in danger. The Lord told me that you are like this tiger, and that this book will have significant consequences in what the enemy is doing, for you tell the truth like nobody did before. So I prayed for your protection… »

In this book, I do not claim to write everything concerning the subjects of the prophet’s ministry and of prophecy. It would have taken me over a year, maybe two, to write a more academic volume. What you are about to read is not academic but it was dictated by what was suddenly before my eyes and of my memory: A ministry of forty years during which I was a prophet and met other servants of G-d. What you are about to read was first like an invitation to write, for several days in my mind, with that gentle, penetrating and invariable presence that I know when the Lord speaks to me. One morning, when I woke up, the presence of G-d within me became pressing, demanding, and the Lord said to me then: – Arise and write! In an instant, I received on three large sheets of paper a whole series of themes to develop in this book. The framework of the book was there before my eyes. Then began one of those major spiritual battles that we had already experienced. However, this battle was probably one of the most intense. As I was writing, the urgency and the pressure became so great that I felt Jonah’s “terror” at the thought of going to warn Nineveh. As a consequence, when it was difficult for me “to go and to write”, I felt like if I was inside the whale… My wife and I almost died three times during the writing of the book. Needless to describe the struggle, it was frankly epic. The spiritual pain is impossible to describe. Never before had I seen the weapon of Satan’s lies so clearly, day and night. This book is a cry and a sigh for a single purpose: to make us see and understand better what an authentic prophet is in these times of great confusion that are increasing very quickly. I praise the Lord for that hard time, but that I lived according to Your will and Your support. Shalom in Yeshua!

Haim Goel

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Haïm Goël
E-book – Papier