NOUVEAUTÉ/NEW – From darkness to light! How I met Jesus –
Elishéva Goël
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Elisheva Goel’s Testimony

I was born into a family that professed atheism as a sign of elevation. In my family, atheism was also considered as a human freedom from the oppression of the religious system linked to politics. My paternal grandfather was a network leader of an anarchist movement in Tuscany, near Florence. In the early 1920s, as fascism was on the rise, my grandfather had a price on his head. His property was burned in the public square and he had to start living here and there, hiding to survive. By then he already had a wife and children. At that time, in Italy, those who were not catholic could not get married. So my grandfather lived with my grandmother without being married. They had a first son, Jose, and then my father born in 1922, Giordano, later called Jordan in Belgium. This is the name of the river Jordan (Yarden in Hebrew). This is also a symbolic name for the believers because it is a strong image of the ones who come from the world of darkness to the one of light, with the promise of blessing–the Promised Land.

Elisheva Goel

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Elishéva Goël
E-book – Papier