NOUVEAUTÉ/NEW – Version anglaise : Did you say “apostle”?
Chapter 5 of Kéhila / Ecclésia Vol. 1
Haïm Goël
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While I was rereading KEHILA / ECCLESIA Volume 1, which was published in 2004 and refused 16 years ago by the CLC in France, I was astonished to see how the subjects of this book were prophetic and match the needs of the Church, the body of Christ, the bride of Yeshua prepared for a heavenly union.

Among several servants of G-d I know, who are lovers of a religion that promotes comfort but who are followers of the revival – “THE revival” (the one that never comes) – many said: «Haïm, you are crazy to write this, it is terribly polemical… but deep down, we know you are right.»

Others visited me to say that they were concerned with these subjects, were convinced that the time had come to make things happen, and wished to speak about these subjects during committees of pastors. There was no sign of life from them afterward. They did not give me news because they fell into the trap of conformism, timidity, and comfort.

At that time, the devil sent (or sent again) the spirit of Jezebel against me, and I encountered significant hatred, jealousy, lies, slander, backstabbing, and other reactions that caused me intense psychological sufferings.

It happened already 16 years ago.

The subjects of this book are still relevant because the number of horrible drifts from pseudo-ministries of apostles and prophets is growing. Let’s be frank about it: This terrible drift named apostasy also concerns the ministries of pastors, doctors and evangelists.

Sixteen years ago, there was already much talk about “leaders,” and it was already a non-biblical state of mind that left the door open for false spiritual fathers. Now, we talk about managers, coaches or, spiritual advisers who use marketing techniques. No one knows elders anymore; there are almost no ministries that are strictly biblical today. What is false abounds just like dupery! In heaven, the Lord is ashamed of all this! But we are the ones who should be ashamed! We are the major players in these situations. May this shame be a major shock to direct us back to the right path!

The stark reality is before our eyes.

Each chapter of this book is free and available as an e-book. Here is the first one, Chapter 5.

So here is “DID YOU SAY APOSTLE?” Spread this spiritual food all around you; it is a LIFE-GIVING and FREE food available as an e-book. You can find a paper version that cost two or three euros for the production costs. We make NO profit with this book, and our policy is still to give the books or to sell them at a minimum price (for the production cost).

In HIM, in the love that binds us all together in the true body of Christ and in the affection for the truth and for the authentic spiritual nourishment, far from the scent of vain and mortal reveries.

Haïm Goël

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Chapter 5 of Kéhila / Ecclésia Vol. 1
Haïm Goël
E-book – Papier