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Dear English, American and Anglo-Saxon friends.

Dear English, American and Anglo-Saxon friends.

We have been distributing our articles and messages translated into English by email for many years. We have recently chosen to broadcast Haim Goel’s messages translated via our site. We have since recorded an increased audience from the Anglo-Saxon world. We therefore wish to develop our exchange around these messages, knowing that the trends on this side of the Atlantic are quite often different. Your opinion will therefore be very valuable to us. Thank you for building like this with us. May God bless the Anglo-Saxon world and may God unite us in a just and courageous stand in the face of the misfortunes of this time. There are many of them and I am thinking particularly of this shameful tragedy of anti-Semitism coming to the surface in an uninhibited way…

Haim Goel and the entire LEVE-TOI / ETZBETZION team

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