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Les aspects antichristiques d’Obama

By 2 septembre 2014Lève-toi !

[Video Warning! Biblical Prophecy in the NEWS] Antichrist Obama’s role of Imam Mahdi calling for all muslims world wide to unite!

Source: Obama’s role of Imam Mahdi calling for all muslims world wide to unite!

This video discuss’s ISIS, Obama, the OIC and the rise of the “moderate” mask of Islam.  Obama has continued to push himself into the role of the Islamic Messiah figure known as the Al-Mahdi which is the biblical Antichrist. He has been practicing Taqiyya all along to deceive many. One way that Obama is showing his true colors of putting himself into the Mahdi role is by calling for all Muslims to unite together and join his cause in the middle east. In addition he is simultaneously making declarations ( making himself an authority) about what the authentic form of Islam is and is now placing himself as an Imam.
The Hegelian dialectic is at play in full swing by tactically using “radical” Islam ( ISIS..etc) as a means to justify the uniting of all the “moderate” Muslims world wide. With such a good cop/bad cop maneuver the caliphate forming agenda does not change but in fact is furthered and empowered on a much greater geopolitical scale. ISIS ( many of whom were trained by the US in Jordan as well as empowered by Baghdadi who was released by Obama from a CIA black site) and all such pawns are simply used as a means to unite the “moderate” Muslims in positions of power which in effect supports the formation of a global caliphate in an unprecedented way, including using the jackal armies to overthrow regimes and plant “moderates” in power.

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