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Réactions à Warning. La réaction de cette chère soeur me donne un point d’appui grâce auquel je vais encore approfondir la question dans un prochain message audio. Restez à l’écoute!

I have written you before in French but as it takes time to compose the email I will write in English.

There is a Catholic TV Channel here in Canada/U.S. called EWTN which hosts a program called “The Journey Home” or something like that.  I tune in once in awhile just to see who is giving their testimony. The host is a former Methodist.  Recently a former Baptist minister turned Catholic shared his testimony (studying church history convinced him); another was a former Pentecostal minister who said he had Jesus as a P.  pastor but now was experiencing the “fullness”. Another was a former Word of Faith person.

I am seeing/meeting/hearingabout evangelicals who are attracted to the Catholic Church and to Anglicanism which is not much better; also leaning towards a false ecumenism. James Robison a prominent American evangelist, has co-written a book with a prominent Catholic called “Inivisible”.  There are others on Christian television who are leaning towards ecumenism as well.

As an exCatholic the Lord has impressed upon me that I must warn my Catholic relatives, friends and entourage of the dangers of Catholicism and share with them the true gospel.

I am persuaded that if we Christians (all of us) do not wholeheartedly surrender to Jesus and serve Him, and Him alone, and let Him prune and purify us, we will succumb to the deception that has/is coming on the world.

Marilyn T.

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